Dumb Dreams

by Teddy Rycroft

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Heartbreak and melancholy clarinet solos, with a pinch of melancholy


I lost my head
The water was cold
It made me shiver
It made me glow

I held my breath and swam through the ether
butin my stead swam one who swam better
lightly tread through the waters that had held me

Sweet dumb dreams
Blindside me
What I want is not what will be

I swam ashore
lay on my side
out of breath
rest my eyes

Watch him dance as he swims with the ocean
without a glance he sets waves into motion
my stance is low, my feet lie in the sand

Bittersweet, but you didn't hurt my pride brother,
Go with the tide, though I thought she could have been my lover


released August 7, 2013
Composed, Arranged, Performed, and Produced by Teddy Rycroft!




Teddy Rycroft Washington, D.C.

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