In Media Res

by Teddy Rycroft

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I swam up from the water chasing letters my momma used to write
Caterpillars held in mason jar would always give off light
Simple and free from our scepters in the sky
Let us be, too many bugs about which to wonder why?

Oh oh oh, in media res
Paper, plastic pictures in a haze
Through the tunnel I can’t
See no light funneling
Out, hold on
Tight, because we are flying
Sight, sound, gone and dying
Eyes are stagnant forward!

I held on to the signpost blinded by the crooked papers in the air
A scholar took my shape defineded me and the colors that I wear
Close your eyes, but there’s ringing in your ears
Close your ears, but you cry at all the sights you see, yet choose not to hear

Head on my shoulders by my mind all on the floor


released February 10, 2013
Composed, recorded, and produced by Teddy Rycroft




Teddy Rycroft Washington, D.C.

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